Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP)

Challenges Faced

In 2012, AASP hired HollandParlette as its management partner to help address several key issues the association faced after 25 years in existence:

  • Growth of the association – both in overall numbers but in retention of early career and professional members

  • Communications vehicles – outdated and not engaging to members or consumers of sport psychology services

  • Educational/professional development opportunities – not much offered outside the Annual Conference

  • Member benefits – besides a conference and two journals, what was AASP offering of value to the regular member?



AASP's 2015-2016 Executive Board

AASP's 2015-2016 Executive Board

With those issues in mind, HollandParlette has worked both strategically and tactically with leadership to develop new programs, initiatives and structure aimed at improving AASP’s viability and function as an organization. The results shared below – including significant increases in membership, conference attendance and program revenue – demonstrate that AASP has made considerable strides with HollandParlette’s guidance.

AASP has been able to benefit from the wealth of professional expertise and association experience that HollandParlette brings to the partnership. HollandParlette has been able to regularly cite examples of “best association practices” as well as ideas for programs, services, structure and strategy as a direct result of knowing what has worked (and what has not) for other groups we have managed. AASP also benefits from the ability to tap into an expansive network of resources built over HollandParlette’s 30 years in business to comfortably flex and expand to meet the ever-changing needs of the organization.

AASP enjoys the advantages of having HollandParlette continually upgrade our infrastructure at no additional cost to the association. This includes using the latest computer equipment and applications aimed at maximizing productivity, a multi-tiered backup system for all electronic files and important databases being housed in the “cloud” and accessible to staff and for real-time web use 24/7.

AASP highlights

The best measure of our success in executing the contract, however, are the statistical increases in major program areas, such as membership, annual conference and a significant growth in AASP’s overall operating revenue.


AASP Five Year Highlights

  • Total number of members have increased by 69% (996 total)
  • Annual Meeting attendance records were set in three consecutive years: 901 in 2012 (Atlanta), 930 in 2013 (New Orleans) and 2014 (Las Vegas) 1,150 attendees in 2014. Meeting attendance has exceeded 1,000 over the past three years.
  • Helped to grow AASP’s overall program budget by 53% but still produce over $185,000 in overall profit. AASP was able to strategically reinvest these reserved into important projects in 2016 (i.e. certification).

Yearly Milestones

HollandParlette has also played an integral role in the restructure or introduction of a number of fundamental communications and educational mechanisms.

2012 Milestones

  • Overhauled newsletter – revamped the type of content (less association-centric), design (more colorful and engaging) and delivery (from standard pdf to more mobile device friendly flipbook)

  • Launched 501(c)3 Charitable Foundation

  • Created educational webinar series - 700 participants in first 9 sessions

  • Relocated Annual Conference - negotiated restitution of $25,000 when a major hotel chain threatened to not honor its contract with AASP. With an Executive Director who is a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) with knowledge of and relationships within the hotel and hospitality industry, HPA was able to negotiate swift and positive resolution for relocation of AASP 2012

2013 Milestones

  • Overhauled Website – built responsive design site to work on multiple platforms, reorganized content and provided new resources to members and consumers

  • Conference Mobile Site – allowed attendees to view conference schedule on their mobile devices, read session descriptions and search abstracts

  • Restructured Committee Volunteer System – removed some of the barriers to getting involved on an AASP committee as well as introducing regular open calls for volunteers

2014 Milestones

  • Rebuilt Conference Abstract Submission/Review system

  • Online Graduate Program Directory – built a system that allows for real-time access of data from over 100 programs for prospective students as well as opportunities for programs to easily update their information online at any time

  • Journal Contract Renewals – negotiated a 5% increase in royalty back to AASP within 5 year contract.

  • Student Travel Awards– negotiated Taylor & Francis support of new student Travel Awards ($12,500 per year) within journal contract negotiations

2015 Milestones

  • Job Task Analysis for Certification - aimed at defining job elements and responsibilities, major domains of practice, major tasks within domains and the knowledge and skills necessary for competent task performance

  • Branding / Logo Redesign – strengthen the connection and messaging to sport psychology professionals and those athletes, exercisers, and performers who utilize their services

  • Virtual Conference – introduced annual 3 hour educational offering accessible by members worldwide

2016 Milestones

  • Competency-based certification exam - completion of first online test in the history of the profession

  • Launched new journal - Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology

  • Strategic Plan – roll out of a new goal-focused three year plan (2016-2018)

  • Hired new PR firm - better positioned to promote AASP and the field of sport psychology, using traditional media, social media and an analytics based approach