HollandParlette manages more than 20 national, regional, state, and local associations representing more than 25,000 members.

To these associations, we bring the following competencies that can also benefit your association when contracting with HollandParlette for association management services:

Collaborative Teamwork

Our multi-disciplined team approach makes short work of tall assignments.

Rest easy knowing HollandParlette has it covered – every detail in place – effectively carrying the ball across the goal line with every anticipated need fully met. Though we wear many hats, they are all emblazoned with one name. Yours.

Smart Vision

HollandParlette embraces innovation and best practices to ensure our clients’ success.

The most successful nonprofits are run like for-profit businesses. We couple this approach with proven creative problem solving techniques to increase stability, grow membership, and proliferate your organization’s impact.

Deployed Muscle

Our can-do attitude goes beyond expectations to get the job done.

The strength of an organization lies in how well it is organized and how fluidly it operates. Like an Olympic-trained athlete, our team acts with speed, agility, and superior strength – putting to use our expertise, shared knowledge, and calm under-pressure fortitude to carry out crucial strategies for your organization.

Passionate Engagement

Dedication to your cause is our primary motivation.

Your organization deserves more than just an administrative team. HollandParlette gives you a strategic partner with a resilient mentality that believes as much as you do in the value of your unique identity and cause.

Unrivaled Experience

We build loyal partnerships that stand the test of time.

Every bit of expertise that comes from over 30 years of managing state, regional, national, and international associations is put to work for every client, from brand new partnerships to established relationships.