Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP)

Challenges Faced

In 2012, AASP hired HollandParlette as its management partner to help address several key issues the association faced after 25 years in existence:

  • Growth of the association – both in overall numbers but in retention of early career and professional members

  • Communications vehicles – outdated and not engaging to members or consumers of sport psychology services

  • Educational/professional development opportunities – not much offered outside the Annual Conference

  • Member benefits – besides a conference and two journals, what was AASP offering of value to the regular member?



AASP's 2015-2016 Executive Board

AASP's 2015-2016 Executive Board

With those issues in mind, HollandParlette has worked both strategically and tactically with leadership to develop new programs, initiatives and structure aimed at improving AASP’s viability and function as an organization. The results shared below – including significant increases in membership, conference attendance and program revenue – demonstrate that AASP has made considerable strides with HollandParlette’s guidance.

AASP has been able to benefit from the wealth of professional expertise and association experience that HollandParlette brings to the partnership. HollandParlette has been able to regularly cite examples of “best association practices” as well as ideas for programs, services, structure and strategy as a direct result of knowing what has worked (and what has not) for other groups we have managed. AASP also benefits from the ability to tap into an expansive network of resources built over HollandParlette’s 30 years in business to comfortably flex and expand to meet the ever-changing needs of the organization.

AASP enjoys the advantages of having HollandParlette continually upgrade our infrastructure at no additional cost to the association. This includes using the latest computer equipment and applications aimed at maximizing productivity, a multi-tiered backup system for all electronic files and important databases being housed in the “cloud” and accessible to staff and for real-time web use 24/7.

AASP highlights

The best measure of our success in executing the contract, however, are the statistical increases in major program areas, such as membership, annual conference and a significant growth in AASP’s overall operating revenue.


AASP Five Year Highlights

  • Total number of members have increased by 69% (996 total)
  • Annual Meeting attendance records were set in three consecutive years: 901 in 2012 (Atlanta), 930 in 2013 (New Orleans) and 2014 (Las Vegas) 1,150 attendees in 2014. Meeting attendance has exceeded 1,000 over the past three years.
  • Helped to grow AASP’s overall program budget by 53% but still produce over $185,000 in overall profit. AASP was able to strategically reinvest these reserved into important projects in 2016 (i.e. certification).

Yearly Milestones

HollandParlette has also played an integral role in the restructure or introduction of a number of fundamental communications and educational mechanisms.

2012 Milestones

  • Overhauled newsletter – revamped the type of content (less association-centric), design (more colorful and engaging) and delivery (from standard pdf to more mobile device friendly flipbook)

  • Launched 501(c)3 Charitable Foundation

  • Created educational webinar series - 700 participants in first 9 sessions

  • Relocated Annual Conference - negotiated restitution of $25,000 when a major hotel chain threatened to not honor its contract with AASP. With an Executive Director who is a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) with knowledge of and relationships within the hotel and hospitality industry, HPA was able to negotiate swift and positive resolution for relocation of AASP 2012

2013 Milestones

  • Overhauled Website – built responsive design site to work on multiple platforms, reorganized content and provided new resources to members and consumers

  • Conference Mobile Site – allowed attendees to view conference schedule on their mobile devices, read session descriptions and search abstracts

  • Restructured Committee Volunteer System – removed some of the barriers to getting involved on an AASP committee as well as introducing regular open calls for volunteers

2014 Milestones

  • Rebuilt Conference Abstract Submission/Review system

  • Online Graduate Program Directory – built a system that allows for real-time access of data from over 100 programs for prospective students as well as opportunities for programs to easily update their information online at any time

  • Journal Contract Renewals – negotiated a 5% increase in royalty back to AASP within 5 year contract.

  • Student Travel Awards– negotiated Taylor & Francis support of new student Travel Awards ($12,500 per year) within journal contract negotiations

2015 Milestones

  • Job Task Analysis for Certification - aimed at defining job elements and responsibilities, major domains of practice, major tasks within domains and the knowledge and skills necessary for competent task performance

  • Branding / Logo Redesign – strengthen the connection and messaging to sport psychology professionals and those athletes, exercisers, and performers who utilize their services

  • Virtual Conference – introduced annual 3 hour educational offering accessible by members worldwide

2016 Milestones

  • Competency-based certification exam - completion of first online test in the history of the profession

  • Launched new journal - Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology

  • Strategic Plan – roll out of a new goal-focused three year plan (2016-2018)

  • Hired new PR firm - better positioned to promote AASP and the field of sport psychology, using traditional media, social media and an analytics based approach

CoreNet - Northern California Chapter

Realizing Opportunities

In 2008, the leadership of the CoreNet Global Northern California Chapter recognized that they had opportunities for significant growth – but lacked the professional infrastructure to implement many of the ideas and initiatives that had been proposed.  CoreNet’s volunteers – who had full time jobs in the industry – only had the bandwidth to do so much for the chapter.

HollandParlette was hired to provide the association’s first full service management support, which allowed the association’s leadership to focus on strategic initiatives instead of administrative details. The partnership resulted in immediate success that has been sustained overtime in areas such as:

  • Membership – a 65% increase from 2008 to 2016

  • Education and social networking opportunities – more than tripled the amount of events held annually while also seeing considerable growth in attendance

  • Annual sponsors – More than doubled the number of annual sponsors accounting for almost 50% of the CoreNet’s annual income.

  • Building the associations assets – Since 2008, CoreNet’s total assets have grown by over 300% even as annual expenses have grown considerably due to more activity.

  • High profile events that draw the top leaders in the field – The bar has been raised each year with regard to meeting venues and overall quality including the association’s signature Awards Dinner that has grown steadily from 300 in 2008 to over 700 in 2016.

Throughout this significant growth, HollandParlette has been able to scale our services to by adding additional staff, services and expertise to keep momentum without missing a beat. A wonderful partnership and a true success story that continues to be written!


An exciting 9-year partnership that has seen remarkable growth on almost every level.

NAIOP San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Commercial Real Estate Development Association


HollandParlette was hired by the NAIOP San Francisco Chapter in December 2013. At that time the organization was struggling to keep on track and was operating (since June 2013) with an Interim Executive Director and no support staff. Membership hovered at around 350. Only two short years later, NAIOP San Francisco was the recipient of the coveted Outstanding Chapter Executive of the Year Award. At the presentation of the award the following achievements were noted to have transformed the chapter in a short period of time:

  • 28% membership growth due to improved outreach and communications

  • 39% growth in sponsorship revenue through targeted campaign

  • Record net income due to goal-setting and increased accountability, benchmarks

  • Redesigned and launched a new website

  • Established financial audit committee for improved oversight and strategic direction

  • Revised bylaws to bring them in line with current operations

  • Developed 3-year vision and strategic plan

  • Formed Marketing and Communications Committee to improve internal and external messaging

  • Oversaw creation of a promotional video for chapter’s newly launched “Young Professionals Group” initiative which then became successful and profitable in its third year of operations

  • Distributed content through media channels to raise awareness

  • Developed a social media presence to improve chapter visibility and a connected membership

The following year, NAIOP nationally recognized San Francisco Bay Area as 2018 Chapter of the Year. Membership had almost doubled in size, surpassing the 650 member mark. Improved collaboration amongst committees resulted in an all-hands-on-deck approach to membership recruitment and retention, and a growth in new volunteer participation by over 40 individuals in one year. Prudent financial oversight, record-breaking event registrations at all marquee events, as well as annual sponsorship from an all-time high of 54 firms, helped to solidify financial stability for the organization, meeting the strategic goal for reserves one year earlier than projected. The Finance Committee, with support from HollandParlette, was therefore able to make some conservative yet productive investments on the Chapter’s behalf to help continue this growth trend.

Highest Membership Growth Nationally

In 2017, NAIOP San Francisco Chapter was recognized for having achieved the “Highest Membership Growth” out of 51 chapters. Membership had grown to an impressive 600 members – an increase of 250 members since HollandParlette was hired. Additionally, the Chapter attracted many more young professionals into the fold. Since then, the growth has only continued, hitting the 750 member mark in early 2019.

In terms of member recruitment, HollandParlette’s team worked closely with the Membership Committee to develop and execute a focused strategy for better targeting of prospective members. They invested time refining and refreshing the prospect list and set the simple, actionable goal of hosting one quality member-recruiting event during the year. They exceeded their goals and actually produced two events. First, they organized an outstanding Membership Mixer at an exclusive private club in San Francisco. The elegant affair attracted a large crowd of prominent members and prospects and resulted in new members paying their dues on the spot and many signing pledge forms and joining shortly after the event. The Membership Mixer was so successful that it energized the committee and inspired them to host a second event, which consisted of a small dinner for specifically targeted prospective members with the Board. The intimate gathering provided an exceptional networking opportunity for the prospects and produced new members.

To achieve their goal of recruiting young people, they collaborated with the Developing Leader group and the Programs Committee. Three Developing Leader events and five Behind the Scenes programs were held with the intention of capturing young prospective members. Additionally, they worked with the Young Professionals Group (YPG) to promote membership among the new class. The success of the two YPG program information sessions resulted in new members.

Relative to retention, they created an extremely effective New Member Welcome Communique. It provided new members a comprehensive overview of Chapter benefits, an invitation to join a committee, and a website log-in. The initiative resulted in increased social media activity including an uptick in Facebook likes and new LinkedIn connections.

They also began two powerful retention strategies near the end of the year. First, they planned and launched a membership survey. The findings were reported during the Strategic Planning Session and used to inform strategies for the next several years. Second, they planned a New Member Welcome Breakfast, which was such a success that they have continued to be hosted on a quarterly basis ever since. At these breakfasts, Chapter leaders engage with new members to let them know what’s coming up on the calendar and introduce them to the various ways that they can get involved.

All goals stated in the Chapter’s Strategic Plan for 2016 were met including:

  • Reached goal of 600 members

  • Secured 52 sponsors, thus achieving goal

  • Conducted a board-based membership survey

  • Made a $60,000+ contribution to the Chapter’s reserve fund

  • Convened the Audit/Finance Committee to review financial operations and make recommendations for ongoing improvement and growth

NAIOP Strategic Vision Plan created by the HollandParlette team  Click here to view

NAIOP Strategic Vision Plan created by the HollandParlette team
Click here to view

Society for Pediatric Dermatology (SPD)

A 1,200 member national association devoted to advancing the education and treatment of pediatric patients with skin, hair and nail disorders.

How it happened

HollandParlette took over management of the SPD in 2006 after their leadership concluded that the society could not continue to develop and mature while being managed by a single administrator out of her home. Since that time, HollandParlette has helped to increase the overall membership of SPD by 140%, increased attendance at the group’s two annual educational meetings by 40% and increased fundraising dollars secured by 30% by designing and implementing a coordinated annual Industry Partnership campaign.

HollandParlette recommended and oversaw a revamp of the SPD’s organizational structure in 2013, designed to provide more accountability for projects and initiatives and allow increased volunteer involvement by members. We also have worked with SPD leadership to design dynamic and achievable Strategic Plans that allow for continued growth.

During HollandParlette’s time as association managers, the SPD has added over $550,000 to their financial reserves and the group’s annual budget has almost doubled from $580,000 to $1.14 million.

HollandParlette served as congress organizer for the 13th World Congress of Pediatric Dermatology (hosted by the SPD), which drew 1,500 attendees in Chicago in Summer 2017. 

HollandParlette has been a transformative force for the Society for Pediatric Dermatology (SPD). Since beginning our partnership in 2006, SPD membership has more than doubled; annual and semi-annual conference attendance has been growing by leaps and bounds; our website has been polished; critical communications within our executive board and among members have been streamlined; and development efforts continue to grow under their supervision. HollandParlette has been a crucial catalyst throughout this entire organizational, financial, and administrative evolution. Most importantly, they not only get the job done, but they are a pleasure to work with. I can’t imagine our society working without them.
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    Albert Yan, MD Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia SPD President,  2010-2011  Vice Chair,  13th World Congress of Pediatric Dermatology

Albert Yan, MD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
SPD President, 2010-2011
Vice Chair, 13th World Congress of Pediatric Dermatology